Matt Jacob is a seasoned communications professional who provides important services like these:

WRITING THAT MAXIMIZES YOUR IMPACT: Matt has helped a lot of organizations translate complex issues into communications that make their mark. He has written or edited fact sheets, reports, web pages, talking points, legislative testimony, speeches, social media and other content. Good writing is crisp and clear. An economy of words is important — and so is framing the issue in a way that connects with your target audiences’ values and interests.

GETTING THE MEDIA'S ATTENTION: Tired of producing reports or launching campaigns that go unnoticed? Not sure if you're targeting the right reporters? Breaking through all of the noise isn’t easy. Bringing Matt into the planning process can help increase the odds that your campaign or issue will make news. Matt can help you recognize which reporters, columnists or bloggers are more likely to be interested in what your organization is doing or saying — and the best way to pitch them.

GIVING YOUR ORGANIZATION A COMMUNICATIONS "PHYSICAL": Matt can use focus groups, in-depth interviews and/or communication audits to identify inconsistencies in messaging, gaps in your communication network or disturbing perceptions that need to be addressed. This kind of analysis examines both messages and message vehicles, while never losing sight of the key audience(s) you're trying to reach. No organization should operate on auto-pilot.

TRAINING TO STRENGTHEN YOUR CAPACITY: Do your members, leaders or partners struggle to translate your organization's priorities into language that is clear, concise and compelling? Or do they get flustered when speaking publicly or handling questions from the media? Matt has trained thousands of people to write or speak more effectively. His sessions on speaking to elected officials, using social media, and managing media interviews have won rave reviews from participants.

MARKETING YOUR RESOURCES & WEB CONTENT: Are the right people seeing or finding your content? Many policy and advocacy organizations have created excellent posters, infographics and fact sheets online, but do enough stakeholders know about them? Matt worked with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) to promote its Think Teeth content on oral health. He interviewed key informants, advised CMS on redesigning its web page and developed a marketing plan that increased orders for CMS's Think Teeth materials by 31%.

GUIDING YOU THROUGH TIMES OF CRISIS: Matt has been thrown into plenty of difficult situations and helped organizations weather the storm. Long before you face a crisis, having a crisis communications plan can prepare you for what's around the corner. A reputation built over 20 years can suffer a major blow in only 20 minutes.

If you’re facing a crisis, Matt can help you get through it.